Actions can be selected from the menu like below:


An action can be compared to an item in the inbox that requires some form of action.

The action can be a todo-item created by yourself or one of your colleagues, or it can be a pending approval for a subscription request where an API Partner has requested access to a Subscription Plan which requires approval before it can become active.

You or your fellow administrators can add comments to an action which will be listed beneath the action itself.

TODO Actions

TODO Actions are created by you or your fellow administrators - you can add any text and comments to these actions, the contents are up to yourself to handle.

Subscription Request Actions

When an API Partner requests subscription to an API which requires Approval, a Subscription Request Action is automatically created with the detailed information about the partner requesting access, and the subscription plan that he requested access to.

Here, you need to approve or reject the request. If approved, the request is automatically turned into an active subscription, and if rejected you can optionally enter a comment telling the API Partner why you rejected the request.

Alert Actions

Actions can be created by Alert Actions/Handlers which react to alerts being sent - an action contains the same text that can also be sent out as email/SMS notification.