API Developor Portal Properties

The developer portal uses external configuration for various purposes:

  • API management configuration to view available environments and similar information. 
  • Elastic search configuration to connect to and enable API usage statistics. 
  • Web application configuration (typically called "applications") with configuration for agent validators, user admin access and session controller information.

Typically the API developer portal configuration would extend one or more server groups in the configuration to gain access to this information. Please see this example from the ceptor-demo distribution where it extends "apimanagement", "applications" and "elasticsearch":

	<server name="apideveloperportal" type="apideveloperportal" description="Settings for API management developerportal" extends="apimanagement,applications,elasticsearch">

The remaining properties unique for the developer portal are as such:




<true | false>

If set to true an email will be send during the registration process to allow the user to confirm the email address before getting access. In this sutation the authentication plugin with ID 50 (EMAIL) is used.

Default value is false


schema name

The user administration database schema used for developer portal users.  

Default value is blank - meaning that developer portal users will go into the root schema.


<true | false>

Support for users logged in through other means like a webserver agent plugin or similar. If this is enabled the developer portal will check if the session provided to it is logged in.

Default value is false - the developer portal will handle login by it self.


Cookie name

The cookie name of the session cookie if provided by for example a Gateway in front of the developer portal

Default value is ppSessionId


<true | false>

Configures wether the developer portal should allow for stand alone support and allow login and registration through the build in functionality. If not - remoteuser.support should be set to true or there will be no means of logging in.

Dfaule value is true


URL path

Path to use on the logoff/sign out link in the menu when the user is logged on remotely

Default value is blank


URL path

Path to use on the profile link in the menu when the user is logged on remotely

Default value is blank

Options used in stand alone mode and for styling the developer portal:




web application path to logo

Logo to show on the login dialog when running in standalone mode

Default value is ../devportaltheme/img/ceptor.svg


< true | false >

Defines wether or not the welcome page should be shown after login or if the user should jump directly to the partner screen.

Default value is true


Title text

HTML title text to be shown at the top of the menu.

Default value is "Ceptor API Developer Portal"


web application path

Path to the HTML file shown if the developer portal has no connection to the session controller

Default value is noconnection/noconnection.html


web application path

Path to the HTML file shown on startup (front page of the developer portal)

Default value is stratup/startup.html


web application path

Path to the HTML file shown when showing the welcome page, either after login or when the user clicks the "Welcome" link in the menu

Default value is welcome/welcome.html


< true | false >

Configures wether to show captcha verification on register, updating profile and when resetting password

Default value is true


Site key

The captcha site key used for the given environment - should be different for different environments

Default value is blank


Secret key

The captcha secret key given by captcha during registration

Default value is blank

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