UserAdmin WebApp Properties




<true | false>

Allow the /adminlogin page to be active in the application using the file authorization plugin to login an administrator which has access to the all functionality within the application.

Default is false.


<ID of authentication plugin>

ID of the authentication plugin used to log in the users to the user administration web app. Currently the authentication plugin should support user id and password. The ID must match an authentication plugin configured for the connected session controller.

Default value is 9 – which by default is the UAAuthenticationPlugin


<name of a cookie>

The name of the dispatcher cookie to look for. When this attribute is set the user administration login expects the dispatcher in front of the application to provide a valid session.

Default is empty


<true | false>

Specifies wether unauthorized login attempts should be logged as WARN or DEBUG level

Default is false



Specifies the path to the files which contains language for the user admin web app

Default is not defined – example value is: ${portalprotect.home}/config/language


<comma separated list of attribute names>

A list of attributes that should be ignored in the user attribute list. These are typical values that are not used in the system, handled by other screens (basic user edit screens) or by other solutions.

No default value. Example list could be:


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